Thursday, 14 February 2013

These cute nails are perfect for a romantic night out...or in with your loved one

Start off by painting the whole nail red (or any other colour) Preferably either pink or red :)

After that has dried use some 3D Nail art rods- which can be bought from amazon or any websites that sell nail accessories of any sort 

Cutting them very carefully in to thin strips and gluing them on to each nail with an average nail glue used to stick on fake nails 

After they are dry (which doesn't take long as it drys pretty much instantly) paint over them to add a bit of a funky edge- with glitter- I chose silver glitter because it stand out against the red- but you can use whichever one you like!!

Hope you have liked this design and keep watching for more 

Have a great Valentines Day! <3 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Snowy Nails

With all the snow that we have had recently I thought I would do some frosty inspired nails

I haven't been able to take many pictures cause my camera broke after i took these and I couldn't get them off plus I have had a cold and lacked the concentration to paint nails
So however delayed these are here we go...

I started off with these ice blue nails painting all my nails completely then with a make-up sponge I dabbed the end of my nails with white nail varnish to give the effect of snow or frost- this part can be kind of messy and it tends to get on the sides of your fingers if your not really careful 
Then I used my Wah Nails- White nail art pen to draw snowflakes on each of them of varying sizes
I got the inspiration for these from these amazing photos of spiders webs that i took in the snow! I loved the intricate details of them! 
After they have dried you could even add a layer of silver glitter to make them sparkle or just leave them looking frosty.

My second design incorporates the snowflakes with some snowmen 
They are actually on my sisters nails because she has really long lovely nails! :) 

I started off giving all the nails a base coat as i thought it would work better than a colour as it is quite a complex design already. The clear nails just give it an extra shine!
Next I added some silver glitter to the ends of the nails to add a frosty effect to them- and if they have just been dipped in the snow! 

To add some detail to them i decided to alternate between snowflakes (like the previous set) 
And snowmen- where I used the White nail art pen to draw the snowmen bodies and then using various colour pens- black for the eyes, nose, smile and buttons 
and then a purple or a stand out colour for the hat and scarf

They looks so cute and will look great while you are building your own snowmen! :)