Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pretty Bows

Pretty Bows

For this design you can choose any colours you like :)
I have experimented with two different colours but its really up to you!

First off you paint the whole nail the same colour- if you want to make them really fun you could paint them all different colours- whatever suits your mood!
Then all you have to do- taking a nail art pen (in this case white) to give it more of a french manicure feel- you just paint semi-circles- however big- or small you want them- to the tips of each of your nails
Now you just have to take a different coloured nail art pen (in my case black so that it stands out against the white) and paint a simple line across the colour and the tip (it tidys it up a little and hides if the painting of the tip was a little messy) and then do two triangles to create the bow!!

A really simple but cute nail art design that everyone can try out :)
Hope you enjoyed and have fun painting some of your own

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Strawberry Nails

Nail art to make you feel fruity and cheer up on a cold January morning

Start off with some bright red nails- painted from top to bottom- reminds me of the colour of a red phone box. It will really give this design a base- if anyone wanted to give your nails a more fruit salad sort of feel then going for a paler red with a tint of pink could work too.

Next all you have to do is take a grass green colour and paint a semi circle at the top of the nail tip and then make them in to a zig zag pattern so they look like the stem off the strawberry if you leave enough space on the rest of the nail for the strawberry seeds
I didnt have the best version of gold to use for the seeds but something along these lines would look perfect- a bright yellow could work but i thought a sparkly gold would brighten them up a little more and look more authentic

Hope these will brighten up your miserable January mornings :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year Nails

To celebrate New Year 2013 (and the world not ending!) thought I would design some fun and sparkly nails!

First of all paint three of the pairs of nails black for a dark plain background to start the patterns off
The other two could be painted silver and gold (as shown here) it isn't essential that they are painted these colours you can choose your own exciting colour!

Next I have chosen to paint some exploding firework outlines with a White 'models own Wah nails' nail art pen on the thumb and the fifth finger nails; which will be filled in within the next stage, on the second and the fourth nail I thought they needed some new year sparkle added to them so I added some funky glitter to them to make them stand out against the black of the other nails. Everyone loves a glass of bubbly on new years so the third finger nails HAD to have some champagne flutes painting again with the White 'models own Wah nails'.

Lastly I added some bright pinks and blues to the fireworks to make them pop and a little bit of glitter ( got to love the glitter :p ) the gold nail needed a little something else adding to it so I using a pink nail art pen to match the fireworks I added a cute '2013' signs in the corners :)
My little brother gave me a really cool idea to do clocks on the silver nails with the hands pointing towards midnight. And for the finishing touch i added some gold champagne to the flutes with some bubbles out of the top of the glasses! :)