Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Nails

Easter is here and seeing as the weather is horrible I thought i would create some fun nails that remind me of the sunshine that we really should be seeing this time of the year! :) 

I started off using this sky blue colour but really you could use any colour you want as long as it is a bright colour a green would look awesome too to remind you of the grass or even a yellow for the sunshine- rainbow nails would also look amazing just to really put a smile on your face when its raining outside 

I then used nail glue (used for fake nails and nail stickers, gems etc.) to stick these cute stickers on- I purchased them on (I will put the link below to them) you get a random selection of patterns and pictures but there is usually something in there for all occasions- they are cute and really easy to use.
I chose some butterfly's  flowers and while i was looking through them all I found some Easter Eggs which I thought would look really cool for the occasion (excited like a child) :)
After they had dried (which they do super quick- so careful if you get any on your fingers) I used some multi coloured glitter (topshop) and gave it a quick coat of the top to really make them sparkle :)

They are all set now- all you need now is the sunshine to come out :)

Hope you enjoyed- feel free to leave any comments and questions :)

3D Nail Art Sticks: 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Birthday Nails

As it was my birthday last Saturday (16-03-2013) 
my sister took me and a friend out to have our nails done in Westfield Derby
I thought I would put the photos of them on because they look so beautiful 

They only cost £12 which I think is brilliant value for a manicure polish, pattern and nail gems

Hope you like them :)