Friday, 8 November 2013


OK so I know I am a little late for 5 November- my plans for what I was originally going to do had to be changed because I ordered a pack of 15 brushes and they still haven't arrived so I have to improvise- but I thought I would still share with you my firework nails because they would still be perfect for New Year and Christmas as well with a little bit of a colour change :) 
I have done two alternatives-

  • The first ones are with a base colour of white and a used a Barry M purple glitter which I made sure there wasn't too much on the end of the brush and I dabbed it along the tip of the nails creating a glitter explosion effect just on the tips and leaving the bottom nearest the cuticle clear 

  • The second ones were done on my lovely sisters beautiful nails- this time I painted the base in a top coat clear so make the nails shine lots so they look nice and clean- then I used a Nails Inc. silver glitter on the tips using the same technique as before :) 

Hope you all enjoyed your Bonfire Night and enjoy recreating this look!! :) 

P.s. my wonderful boyfriend makes amateur films in his spare time and he is so good at it- if anyone has a spare few minute give his new trailer a watch its a sci-fi superhero type film called Waterside- there is some amazing acting in it and everyone involved has worked so hard on it- it would be very much appreciated :)


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Nails

There is always so many amazing nail art designs for Halloween that I couldn't just pick one- so I decided to test them out on my lovely family 

For my own nails I started off with a white base coat, I then found some really creepy nail transfers they only cost me £1 from amazon- I just can't resist a nail based bargain :p 
I was hoping that my new set of nail art brushes would have arrived but unfortunately they didn't come in time for this tutorial but I will be reviewing them later on- they were also off amazon and it was a set of 15 brushes all different shapes and sizes in pink!!! for £2.70- another nail art bargain!! 
As I am going as a spider this year for Halloween I used my thumb nail as the main design element- I have really small nails and I always find when I am doing detailed designs on my finger nails that I end up squeezing it on because there is never enough room... So I used my 'nail inc.' art pen to draw out the spiders web in black- I would have preferably done a silver web on a black nail but unfortunately I didn't have a silver nail art pen. 

Secondly I did the skeleton design on my lovely sister- I started off painting a base coat of black- then on one hand I did a range of bones- rib cage, pelvis and on the thumb I used the nail transfers and I put a skull- it looks really effective on the black background- then on the other hand rather than doing the same design- I used the white 'nails inc.' nail art pen and wrote 'BOO' across the nails and did a ghoulish face, and I finished it all off with a coating of plain silver glitter- you can't really see it from this picture cause the lighting isn't very good.

Last but not least my mothers nails- which are lovely and long like claws- she is going as a cat tonight so I took advantage of the fact that she has amazing long nails I painted them silver to give them a claw-like effect and then I drew little cats faces on the thumbs and on the other nails did a variety of stars and cats paw prints- they aren't particularly scary but i thought they looked cute and they stuck with the theme of cats.

I even got to do my step dad some green talons as he is going as an alien and i thought they looked extra creepy on his man hands :p 

Hope everyone has an extra spooky Halloween!! 
Scare you later!! 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- October

Every year nearly 55,000 people are diagnosed in the UK with breast cancer- that's the equivalent of 150 people every day or one person every ten minutes- unfortunately this has become a fact in the UK meaning that the majority of people know and love someone who has been diagnosed with the disease at some point in their life. 

For this month I decided to do a nice simple design in the aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month 
Its a cause that is very close to my heart and means a lot to me- I have done some campaigning and charity events for the charity in the past- painting nails and baking cakes 

So this month I did a simple pink- I absolutely love this colour- its the Barry M Gelly collection in pink and it just looks like your nails are coated in bubblegum :) 

And then just to funk it up a little bit I painted the statement nail in this Topshop pink glitter which I just love cause you don't have to have a base colour cause it is so full- and covers the nail perfectly. 

There has been some beautiful nail paints bought out for the charity as well which would be perfect for this manicure- from Nails Inc. and OPI 

Remember to keep checking :) 

Hope you enjoy this pretty pink mani :) 


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Leopard print

As animal print is still everywhere at the minute I thought this design would be the perfect nail art to get ready for the colder nights! :) 

These are painted on my lovely sisters nails as she has really long fingers and nails so they look perfect with this print- like cats claws!! 

I started off painting the base colour with a 'Speed Dry' nail colour from Avon- They really do dry fast so if you go wrong and need to wipe it off make sure you do so quickly cause otherwise it won't come off

I then used my favourite nail art tool from Avon- the nail art brush- which I have mentioned previously- its on special offer for £1.50 which for the usefulness of it- its amazing value for money
They have some really good nail products on offer at the minute so be sure to check them out! 

I used the decoration tool to paint splodges in Barry M- mushroom- the great thing about it is that they can be as big and small and messy as you like- they really stand out against the other colour as well- other variations of these colours would work too and I would actually love to try this same print but in a colour version some time

Even if you go wrong with this print it doesn't matter because it will still look right- next was the trickiest part- I used a black nail art pen which you can purchase from any decent cosmetic shop- and i outlined all the dark brown splodges

I thought this was going to be really difficult but with a little patience (waiting for all the coats to dry) and a steady hand (for the outlining) I actually found it really simple and enjoyable to do 

Definitely one that I would recommend 

Hope you enjoy these wild nails!! 



Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Angular Triangles

Now that summer is officially over I thought it would be best to face up to the facts and stop painting summery nails in the hope that it might entice the sun back out :) 

So I went for this gorgeous mint colour and painted the whole nail in it 

I actually bought it from claires accessories years ago and it is starting to dry up a little much to my dismay :'( 
But its amazing cause you only have to do one stroke with it and it paints the whole nail which works for me cause it still gives a perfect full coverage
I then used a nail art pen that you can get from any good cosmetic shop or website the one that I have is from Avon Cosmetics and it has two ends- one end has a brush and the other has like a ball shape to more intricate shapes like spots or eyes on faces!
I used the brush end to paint on some white triangles because it clashes with the mint and then I decided that the silver would be an even bigger contrast on top of that to outline the triangle 
I think it gives it a really neat and edgy look but I love the end result 
You can obviously change up the colours but I definitely think the silver finishes it off perfectly 

I would be more than  happy to answer any questions! 

Wrap up warm!!! 


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Daisy Chains

As the weather has been so nice recently I thought it would be perfect to have some daisy nails

As its summer I wanted a nice bright colour in the background so I chose this lovely pistachio green- but i think any pastel colour would look great- Barry M do amazing pastel colours in yellow, blue, pink and many more! :) 
To get a more precise flower I used a nail art pen from Avon- with a brush on one end and a silver ballpoint end on the other side for a more precise drawing
After painting the initial nail mint green  I then chose to do daisies it would also look effective to do the flowers in other colours if you wanted but I liked the idea of having white and yellow
I painted a four way flower in white with the brush- and then with the other  end of the nail art pen i did the center parts with yellow

I love this design and think it is perfect for the summer days :) 

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pink and Purple Tips

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I have been painting nails I just haven't got round to posting on here until now 
With all the summery weather recently I thought I would show you some beautiful beach ready nails 

I love the new pastel trend so I thought I would give these two colours a test and I just love them together they look great .
I started off by painting the nails pink which just reminds me of sun cream on a hot day, and then I chose to do the statement nail in purple but these can be interchanged or other colours- a lemon yellow with peach would look fresh from the fruit salad bowl 
Then you can either use tape specially for nails or like me just do it free hand and do semi-circle on the tip in the opposing colour. 
I think they look intricate and professional and the best part is you can do it with discount colours so you don't have to spend loads on a professional manicure 
Get fab nails in the comfort of your own home! :)
Hope you have enjoyed 
And don't hesitate to leave any comments or questions in the box below!