Friday, 8 November 2013


OK so I know I am a little late for 5 November- my plans for what I was originally going to do had to be changed because I ordered a pack of 15 brushes and they still haven't arrived so I have to improvise- but I thought I would still share with you my firework nails because they would still be perfect for New Year and Christmas as well with a little bit of a colour change :) 
I have done two alternatives-

  • The first ones are with a base colour of white and a used a Barry M purple glitter which I made sure there wasn't too much on the end of the brush and I dabbed it along the tip of the nails creating a glitter explosion effect just on the tips and leaving the bottom nearest the cuticle clear 

  • The second ones were done on my lovely sisters beautiful nails- this time I painted the base in a top coat clear so make the nails shine lots so they look nice and clean- then I used a Nails Inc. silver glitter on the tips using the same technique as before :) 

Hope you all enjoyed your Bonfire Night and enjoy recreating this look!! :) 

P.s. my wonderful boyfriend makes amateur films in his spare time and he is so good at it- if anyone has a spare few minute give his new trailer a watch its a sci-fi superhero type film called Waterside- there is some amazing acting in it and everyone involved has worked so hard on it- it would be very much appreciated :)