Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pink and Purple Tips

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I have been painting nails I just haven't got round to posting on here until now 
With all the summery weather recently I thought I would show you some beautiful beach ready nails 

I love the new pastel trend so I thought I would give these two colours a test and I just love them together they look great .
I started off by painting the nails pink which just reminds me of sun cream on a hot day, and then I chose to do the statement nail in purple but these can be interchanged or other colours- a lemon yellow with peach would look fresh from the fruit salad bowl 
Then you can either use tape specially for nails or like me just do it free hand and do semi-circle on the tip in the opposing colour. 
I think they look intricate and professional and the best part is you can do it with discount colours so you don't have to spend loads on a professional manicure 
Get fab nails in the comfort of your own home! :)
Hope you have enjoyed 
And don't hesitate to leave any comments or questions in the box below!


  1. This is a really pretty manicure, and I like how you've reversed the colours on the statement nail :) xx

    1. Thanks i love these colours too- there is so many colour varieties that you could do them in too :)

  2. Very pretty Alissa! Feel free to share them on You can even link them back to your blog :) xx

  3. You need to show me how you do this perfect line :P