Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Daisy Chains

As the weather has been so nice recently I thought it would be perfect to have some daisy nails

As its summer I wanted a nice bright colour in the background so I chose this lovely pistachio green- but i think any pastel colour would look great- Barry M do amazing pastel colours in yellow, blue, pink and many more! :) 
To get a more precise flower I used a nail art pen from Avon- with a brush on one end and a silver ballpoint end on the other side for a more precise drawing
After painting the initial nail mint green  I then chose to do daisies it would also look effective to do the flowers in other colours if you wanted but I liked the idea of having white and yellow
I painted a four way flower in white with the brush- and then with the other  end of the nail art pen i did the center parts with yellow

I love this design and think it is perfect for the summer days :) 

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment


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