Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Nails

There is always so many amazing nail art designs for Halloween that I couldn't just pick one- so I decided to test them out on my lovely family 

For my own nails I started off with a white base coat, I then found some really creepy nail transfers they only cost me £1 from amazon- I just can't resist a nail based bargain :p 
I was hoping that my new set of nail art brushes would have arrived but unfortunately they didn't come in time for this tutorial but I will be reviewing them later on- they were also off amazon and it was a set of 15 brushes all different shapes and sizes in pink!!! for £2.70- another nail art bargain!! 
As I am going as a spider this year for Halloween I used my thumb nail as the main design element- I have really small nails and I always find when I am doing detailed designs on my finger nails that I end up squeezing it on because there is never enough room... So I used my 'nail inc.' art pen to draw out the spiders web in black- I would have preferably done a silver web on a black nail but unfortunately I didn't have a silver nail art pen. 

Secondly I did the skeleton design on my lovely sister- I started off painting a base coat of black- then on one hand I did a range of bones- rib cage, pelvis and on the thumb I used the nail transfers and I put a skull- it looks really effective on the black background- then on the other hand rather than doing the same design- I used the white 'nails inc.' nail art pen and wrote 'BOO' across the nails and did a ghoulish face, and I finished it all off with a coating of plain silver glitter- you can't really see it from this picture cause the lighting isn't very good.

Last but not least my mothers nails- which are lovely and long like claws- she is going as a cat tonight so I took advantage of the fact that she has amazing long nails I painted them silver to give them a claw-like effect and then I drew little cats faces on the thumbs and on the other nails did a variety of stars and cats paw prints- they aren't particularly scary but i thought they looked cute and they stuck with the theme of cats.

I even got to do my step dad some green talons as he is going as an alien and i thought they looked extra creepy on his man hands :p 

Hope everyone has an extra spooky Halloween!! 
Scare you later!! 

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