Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pretty Bows

Pretty Bows

For this design you can choose any colours you like :)
I have experimented with two different colours but its really up to you!

First off you paint the whole nail the same colour- if you want to make them really fun you could paint them all different colours- whatever suits your mood!
Then all you have to do- taking a nail art pen (in this case white) to give it more of a french manicure feel- you just paint semi-circles- however big- or small you want them- to the tips of each of your nails
Now you just have to take a different coloured nail art pen (in my case black so that it stands out against the white) and paint a simple line across the colour and the tip (it tidys it up a little and hides if the painting of the tip was a little messy) and then do two triangles to create the bow!!

A really simple but cute nail art design that everyone can try out :)
Hope you enjoyed and have fun painting some of your own

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  1. loving the lilac design, so cute and girlie :) replied to your comment on my post but said I'd write one here too :) xx