Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Angular Triangles

Now that summer is officially over I thought it would be best to face up to the facts and stop painting summery nails in the hope that it might entice the sun back out :) 

So I went for this gorgeous mint colour and painted the whole nail in it 

I actually bought it from claires accessories years ago and it is starting to dry up a little much to my dismay :'( 
But its amazing cause you only have to do one stroke with it and it paints the whole nail which works for me cause it still gives a perfect full coverage
I then used a nail art pen that you can get from any good cosmetic shop or website the one that I have is from Avon Cosmetics and it has two ends- one end has a brush and the other has like a ball shape to more intricate shapes like spots or eyes on faces!
I used the brush end to paint on some white triangles because it clashes with the mint and then I decided that the silver would be an even bigger contrast on top of that to outline the triangle 
I think it gives it a really neat and edgy look but I love the end result 
You can obviously change up the colours but I definitely think the silver finishes it off perfectly 

I would be more than  happy to answer any questions! 

Wrap up warm!!! 


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