Thursday, 26 September 2013

Leopard print

As animal print is still everywhere at the minute I thought this design would be the perfect nail art to get ready for the colder nights! :) 

These are painted on my lovely sisters nails as she has really long fingers and nails so they look perfect with this print- like cats claws!! 

I started off painting the base colour with a 'Speed Dry' nail colour from Avon- They really do dry fast so if you go wrong and need to wipe it off make sure you do so quickly cause otherwise it won't come off

I then used my favourite nail art tool from Avon- the nail art brush- which I have mentioned previously- its on special offer for £1.50 which for the usefulness of it- its amazing value for money
They have some really good nail products on offer at the minute so be sure to check them out! 

I used the decoration tool to paint splodges in Barry M- mushroom- the great thing about it is that they can be as big and small and messy as you like- they really stand out against the other colour as well- other variations of these colours would work too and I would actually love to try this same print but in a colour version some time

Even if you go wrong with this print it doesn't matter because it will still look right- next was the trickiest part- I used a black nail art pen which you can purchase from any decent cosmetic shop- and i outlined all the dark brown splodges

I thought this was going to be really difficult but with a little patience (waiting for all the coats to dry) and a steady hand (for the outlining) I actually found it really simple and enjoyable to do 

Definitely one that I would recommend 

Hope you enjoy these wild nails!! 



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